Administrator's Message

Service to humanity is the greatest virtue and must be imbibed in every person whatever his or her creed, caste or nationality. In every society we have weak and challenged persons who need to be cared with love and affection. The more such a culture of care prevails in a society, the more enlightened and progressive are its people. The whole humanity is like one individual and slightest pain in any part of its body destabilizes it and is felt throughout its system and structure. Similarly, a society cannot feel comfortable when even its one person is in distress and embedded in deprivation.

Let us carry a message of love and affection for everybody, feel their pain and try to alleviate it. SAKHAWAT CENTRE J&K is a movement to make people aware of their obligations towards the weak and deprived in the society and enable such people to move ahead with grace and confidence so that their inbuilt capabilities flourish in a well organized structured system. We must understand that some people are born challenged and on some others disability is inflicted. In this subcritical scenario we owe them our love, our material wealth and above all our care and concern without any preconditions.

Dr. Yusuf ul Omer

Flood - 2014